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 SPRING 2020 - B/R & 8 on Break



The Hustlers is a new team based at the Hollywood Cafe and

Big Guns is a new team based at the Baden Legion.

Their addresses and phone numbers are on the HOME PAGE


Congrats to We Bust Your Balls for winning the Fall Session !

Congrats also to the Ambridge Eagles for winning the Playoff Tournament

They beat the Conway Strokers 3-2 and

the Hound Dogs beat Hark's Drunks 3-2 to place 3rd !




The sooner you send your scores in,

the sooner you will see the Results, Standings and Stats, etc.


If you know of anyone who wants to bring a new team into the BCBC League,

please have them call Ron Miskulin, League Operator for approval at

Rule Changes

  The following changes were agreed to at the last meeting, and have been added to the rules.

1.  If a player is using a bridge and before, during or after the shot, touches more than 2  balls with the stick, the bridge or both, His/Her opponent shall have the choice of calling a foul or restarting the game with the aggrieved player breaking.  

2.  We are adopting a 1 minute shot clock and a 1 minute Time-Out.  If a player feels his/her opponent is taking  more than the allotted time to take a shot or taking too long with a time-out, he or she should notify the Captain of the opposing team (not the opponent) that too much time is being taken.  That is considered the warning.  If this occurs again during the same game, a foul can be called.   Almost everyone agrees that we need to speed up play and this should help.

The Whiskey Rhythm team has changed their name from Straight Out of Whiskey to Whiskey Shooters.

The late fee for turning in money to the League was raised from $10 to $20 in an effort to encourage timely payment of League dues.

Need any billiards equipment or accessories ?  Try here first:



A message from League Operator, Ron Miskulin

There have been several teams not turning in their weekly scores.  Some have never turned them in. 

As a result, Bob can only take scores from one team and not their opponents.

What is happening is that Break and Runs and 8 Balls on the Break are not being reported.  Starting with week 11, if a Break and Run or 8 Ball on the Break are not reported that week on your score sheet, you lose them.  We will not go back weeks to look up or call other teams to see if one occurred.  It is up to the Captains or persons reporting the scores that week to show the Break and Runs and 8 Balls on the Break.
There are several ways to turn in scores:


    1. By email form sent to the Captains each week

2. By taking a clear picture and send it to Bob

   3. By Leaving the sheets at the Conway Lounge

Scores must be in by 1 PM Friday. Any scores turned in after that time are too late !


Bennie & the Jets, formerly at the Ambridge Polish Falcons, will now be playing at Fred's Divot.

Please make a note of this move if they are on your schedule.

For League issues call:

BCBC League Operator - Ron Miskulin  

412 974-8975

Issues involving any stats or the website, call Bob Coups  724 869-3156

If you are not currently a BCBC member team, but are interested in joining us, please contact the League operator.

Unwritten Rule Explanation

We have a lot of players in our league that weren't in the ABC league, so I want to touch on an unwritten rule that dates back to that league and continues to be observed in the BCBC league.

One of our captains has asked me to remind everyone of this rule.

During League play, when you are addressing a shot and you inadvertently touch and move an object ball, DO NOT just replace the ball to where you thought it was before touching it.

You must ask your opponent if  he/she wants you to return the ball to it's original position or leave it in it's position after the touch.  We have all done this, and usually the ball is only moved a fraction of an inch, but if that ball was close to a pocket, a rail or another ball, it could have an effect on the game.  If you are the offending player,  it's only fair that your opponent has the opportunity to decide where the ball should be placed.  A ball was touched recently in a game and apparently moved a good bit further than usually occurs and was immediately moved back to it's original position.  This could have helped the opposing player if the ball was allowed to remain at it's new position, so he/she should have had that option.


For those of you who drop off money at the Conway Lounge:    
Please put only money in the envelope - no score sheets

Just leave the score sheets with the bartender separately.    
It has led to some confusion when an envelope contains money and a score sheet, since there are 2 teams on the score sheet.

Reminder:   Several teams already have 1 penalty this session for late payment.
 Keep in mind - if your team gets a second penalty in one session,
your team will be required to pay 1/2 of your fees up front  to participate in the next session.
Thank You for your cooperation,

Bob and Ron

Billiard Ball Reconditioning
Billiard balls can now be cleaned and polished  professionally at the Conway Lounge.
The machine process takes approximately 45 minutes.  You can wait at the Lounge or pick them up later.
Call Ron Miskulin ( 412 974-8975 ) to set up a time.  The cost is $15.
In an effort to save the League some costs, the P O Box in Conway is now closed.
If you must mail any payments to the League, please address them to:
BCBC Pool Leaguec/o
The Conway Lounge
1016 13th Street
Conway, PA15027
Please print BCBC Pool in one of the lower corners of the envelope.

Weekly Payments

Team Captains who insist on being behind in their team's dues, will no longer get a text message reminder to help them avoid a penalty of $20.  I've texted teams for over a year now and it doesn't seem to help with the problem.  You can text me to see what you owe.   If you become 3 weeks late and I don't receive the dues on or before the third Wednesday you're behind -- the penalty will just be added.   Then I must receive  FULL payment plus the penalty at the  Lounge by Monday night before the 4th week, or your team can't shoot that week.

It's the same teams having a problem keeping current.

 For those of you who pay in advance or pay in a timely manner, Thank You and please disregard this message.  For those who are not keeping in good standing, please try to do a better job or turn your team over to someone else.

Captains are responsible for their teams' dues.

If you feel that this is unfair, take your team to the APA or TAP organizations and see how long they let you go without paying.  We currently are a 26 team league that started out with 16 teams and have other teams interested in joining with us.  I am growing weary of constantly going after weekly dues that are owed to the league.  We will be just fine without a few teams if it comes to that.

Thanks, Ron Miskulin


If you are playing at the Conway Lounge, even if Ron isn't there, you can leave your scoresheet and/or money with the barmaid.
There will be envelopes for money or checks, just fill out the info and leave it with her.

 Handicap  Format
>73%    =  1+
      >67% - 73%     =  1
  >55% - 67% =  2
 >37% - 55% =  3
0% - 37% =  4

Financial Changes

A $ 20.00 fee will be imposed on teams 3 weeks behind in fees and must be paid, along with all money owed before the team can shoot in it's next match.

A team WILL NOT SHOOT in the play-offs if it is 3 weeks behind in payment.

Please check the online stats before Wednesday.

Mistakes can't  be fixed after 5:30 PM Wednesday.

Please email or call me (Bob Coups) @ (724) 869-3156 with any changes / corrections to your roster . 

  F Y I  ( updated 2/3/18)

End of Spring 2017 Session there were: 4 - 1+s,  9 - 1s, 54 - 2s, 94 - 3s and 67 - 4s.

End of Fall 2017 Session there were: 3 - 1+s,  8 - 1s, 63 - 2s, 89 - 3s, and 66 - 4s.

Please send a check to:   BCBC Pool League, P.O. Box 213, Conway, PA.   15027   or leave your money at the Lounge with the barmaid when you're shooting there.   Please don't send cash through the mail.   If you have any problems or concerns, please call Ron at 412 974-8975  to avoid any forfeits.

Contact info:  
Ron Miskulin 

(for  League issues) 

412 974-8975

Bob Coups  (for stat / website problems)  724 869-3156 

or  724 561-5067 



The Team Schedules have been checked against the Master Schedule. 

Stats & Standings

Problems with your stats? Call Bob Coups at  724 561-5067

Report Match Scores

An email score sheet will be sent to each team Captain by Monday or Tuesday of each week, and will include instructions.    If you don't receive the email by Wednesday, contact me.  Captains, make sure I have a current email address for you or whoever is going to report your scores.   

Financial Reports

Financial status of league.